L.A. Unlimited & Associates is partnered with full-service private label and promotional clothing
manufacturers. In addition to superior fabric and private label apparel manufacturing, we provide product
development, design, sales and marketing services for our private label customers.
Fax: 310.846.8679
Step 1
Send us your request for ether private label
or promotional apparel with design
* You may send pictures, CADS, or arrange
for sample of your design to be made, which
we will send back to you.
Step 2
We will discuss and confirm your quote.
Please send us a high resolution file when sending
in any quote for logos or pictures on garment
**A small charge for conversions may apply.
Step 3
We will send you a mock up of sample for
your approval. Once approved, your order will
be processed, produced and delivered.
Custom Apparel
Quantity  - 100 pcs
3-4 weeks delivery  
Promotional Apparel
No minimum - 12- 24
50-100 pcs
1-2 weeks
3-4 weeks
Email or Fax back